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Donations Matched July 1 – August 9, 2024


For over 39 years, you have been helping us to empower people of all abilities across Minnesota to live, work, and play in their community. Your generosity has strengthened our core values, from Passion for Community to Inclusion, we have witnessed remarkable growth and numerous success stories across all our services.

Our story is woven with countless threads of triumph and resilience, much like that of Leah. Leah’s 20+ year journey with Reach epitomizes the transformative impact of our services. From finding her first apartment to navigating life’s most challenging moments, Reach has been by Leah’s side, fostering her independence and confidence. Her current aspirations, like visiting her family in Colorado, are milestones that signify her remarkable growth and our collective commitment to her journey.

Leah has been with Reach for Resources 20+ using our different in-home supports

This year also marks a 1-year milestone as we celebrate the integration of TRAIL into our services, expanding our ability to provide specialized transportation. This acquisition fortifies our commitment to enhancing physical and emotional well-being, ensuring access to community engagement and social activities.

Through your partnership, our impact within the community has been profound, as evidenced by our recognition as one of the Top 200 Workplaces in Minnesota by the Star Tribune in 2023 and 2024. This achievement is a testament to your support and your unwavering commitment to our mission.

Today, we invite you to join us in our mission to empower and uplift others. Your support is crucial. With your generosity, we can continue to create success stories like Leah’s and extend our reach to more individuals in need. You can make a profound impact through the following giving tiers:

  • Reach Ally ($50 – $149): Help cover the cost of transportation for one week, ensuring individuals like Leah can attend vital programs and appointments.
  • Supporter of Independence ($150 – $499): Sponsor an individual’s participation in our Adaptive Rec programs for a month, where they can learn, play, and grow.
  • Champion of Potential ($500 – $999): Contribute to the In-Home Services that enable individuals to manage their daily lives with confidence.
  • Hero of Hope ($1,000 and above): Underwrite significant living expenses for those who are striving towards positive well-being and personal goals.

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar through a $5,000 matching grant from Jan Sanner. Give a gift by August 9, 2024, and your contribution will make a profound difference, investing in a future where people of all abilities can thrive in their community.

Thank you for continued support to make an impact on the lives of others.

All our best,

Kate Bottiger
Executive Director
Reach for Resources

P.S. Your gift will help ensure that our services remain a cornerstone for those aspiring to live, work, and play in their community. Let’s make the next 40 years even more impactful!