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Business cards. That’s what Jim Anderson collects. Jim is someone Reach supports, and he is the proud owner of hundreds—if not thousands—of business cards. With Reach’s involvement, Jim has additional comfort in going out and about in the community, where he not only works and takes part in various activities, but also graciously solicits business cards.

​I caught up with Jim during one of the days Reach employee Jesse Hartrick picks him up from work. Jim has held a steady job at Creative Water Solutions for eight years, clocking in over 20 hours per week on average. After work, Jim and Jesse headed back to Jim’s house, where they tackled laundry and physical therapy. These are part of the goals Jim has set toward becoming more independent. He also strives to be active outdoors (taking walks, helping with outside chores, etc.), improve his cooking skills (and has already conquered shrimp tacos), and participate in Special Olympics someday.

​These goals have been developed with the help of Jesse, Jeremy Garrigan, and other Reach staff members while Jim has used Reach’s services. Along with community living services, recreation activities keep Jim busy. You can often find him hefting his own ball down the alley at bowling league, and he also enjoys softball and basketball. A favorite pastime for Jim is attending On the Town West events, and he shares, “I like to go with my friends.”

He maintains a strong camaraderie with Jesse as well, noting how nice she is. Their valuable partnership was evident as they faced that day’s happenings together. “That’s the best one I’ve seen yet,” Jesse affirmed while Jim held a physical therapy position. Jim admits that doing physical therapy makes him feel strong, and that he’s happy and proud when he accomplishes other tasks, such as cooking and laundry.

​And yes, adding to his prized business card collection also brings him joy. This writer, for one, was asked to relinquish two before leaving (one that Jim promised to share with the sister he lives with). As I told him, “I could think of nobody better than you, Jim, to receive it.”