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Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management

Are you struggling with uncertainty for how to access services for your child? Unsure what services might be available to you? Do you feel like your child is falling behind in her life due to mental health struggles? Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management could be the support you’re looking for!

​Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management assists children diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance (SED) and their families with assessing, accessing, coordinating, monitoring and planning mental health services. Case management services help the child/family obtain needed mental health services, social services, educational services, health services, vocational services, recreational services and related services in areas such as volunteer services, advocacy, transportation and legal services. Reach provides Hennepin County contracted case management services to families living within Hennepin County with children ages 5-21 who meet the need for these services. (Funded by MA and/or Hennepin County) Click here to download the department flyer.

To Complete Referral Form:

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Reach provides Hennepin County contracted case management services to families living within Hennepin County with children ages 5-21 who have severe and long-term mental health needs. A case manager assesses the child’s changing needs, develops a plan with other service providers and the child’s family to best address the child’s needs, links the child and family to appropriate community resources and monitors the effectiveness of the planned services. Reach’s case managers meet with families twice a month to build a supportive and reliable relationship while addressing the ongoing needs of the child. Meetings primarily occur within the family’s home, but may also occur in the community or at the child’s school. Our case managers work hard to keep families together under the same roof by focusing on the goal to reduce the need for out of home placements and other services that are more intensive, restrictive, and more costly.

​To find out if this program is right for you, please contact Hennepin County Front Door Services at 612-348-4111 to arrange for an assessment or Jessica Preiner (Cermak) via phone at 952-737-2980 or [email protected] with additional questions.

Success Story

When Aisha and her family first began participating in Reach’s case management program, Aisha had several areas in which she struggled. She often left home without permission, frequently missed school, had poor hygiene, was very argumentative with her mother, and did not have a good knowledge of personal safety. Through the program, Aisha bonded with her case manager and was able to make some significant changes in her life. Aisha began attending school regularly and made lots of friends. She obtained an internship the summer before her senior year of high school. She applied to colleges with the assistance of her case manager and was accepted to each. Aisha continues to thrive from the support she and her family received during a challenging time in their lives.