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Double your donation to Reach for Resources till August 9th up to 5000 dollars. Jan Sanner

Double Your Impact Till August 9

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar through a $5,000 matching grant from Jan Sanner. Give a gift by August 9, 2024, and your contribution will make a profound difference, investing in a future where people of all abilities can thrive in their community.

Reach for Resources named a Top 200 Workplace by the StarTribune in 2023 and 2024.

Reach is a 2024 Top 200 Workplace

Reach for Resources has been named one of the Top 200 Workplaces in Minnesota by the Star Tribune for a second year in a row!

Zackery Henslee Reach for Resources Waiver Case Manager Social Worker Featured Employee

Employee Highlight: Zackery

For many people, finding a meaningful and fulfilling career isn’t a straightforward path. Reach’s Waiver Case Manager, Zackery Henslee’s unique story is a great example of how a strong personal mission, ambition, and a desire to learn can help turn a personal passion into a rewarding career.

Mark in Excelsior using Reach for Resources in home support services

Celebrating Mark: The Heart and Soul of Excelsior

If you call Excelsior home or often visit the restaurant, Maynards, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Mark. Mark, a beloved long-time resident known for his friendly personality, handman skills and willingness to help others in his community. With a love for being busy and social, Mark has a passion for music, biking, cars and his community. His story is a great example of the profound impact community support and inclusion can have on a person’s life.

Sarah overcomes mental health struggles thanks to Reach's ARMHS services. Mental health services in minnetonka and counseling.

Overcoming Obstacles: Sarah’s Mental Health Journey

Sarah had always dreamed of pursuing a career in the medical field. However, her journey was marred by persistent struggles with her mental health. Diagnosed with anxiety and depression, she found herself battling overwhelming symptoms that often left her feeling defeated and incapable of achieving her goals. Determined to reclaim control of her life, Sarah sought help from Reach for Resources and our Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) program.

Ellen Bittner featured donor and parent perspective at Reach for Resources board member.

Parent Perspective: Ellen Bittner

Ellen spent most of her son’s childhood and school years searching for opportunities that would balance his intense need for friendships and being around other people with his quirky behaviors, such as vocal and physical tics (Tourette Syndrome), fixations on single topics (Autism Spectrum), and unpredictable and spectacular meltdowns (Mood Disorder/Bi-polar).

Reach for Resources earns Candid's platinum seal for 5th year in a row.

Reach Earns Candid Platinum Seal

We are excited to announce we’ve received Candid’s highest honor, their Platinum Seal, for the 5th year in a row! This rating puts Reach for Resources in the top 0.1% of charities nationally in terms of transparency.

Reach for Resources Volunteer Highlight Mike & Patty Molden at

Volunteer Highlight: Mike & Patty Molden

Mike and Patty Molden are two of Reach for Resources’s longest serving volunteers with a talent for bringing laughter, community, and connection to Reach events. Mike and Patty got involved with Reach in the 2000s when Patty was inspired to contribute to her community as a volunteer. After spending time as a volunteer with similar organizations that support people with disabilities, Patty found Reach and decided to give volunteering with us a try.

2024 Reach for Resources annual award winners roseann lent and michelle veith

2024 Reach Award Winners

Since 2007, we’ve been honoring the remarkable contributions of individuals, families, organizations, volunteers, businesses and Reach employees who have played vital roles in advancing our mission. This year, we’re thrilled to introduce two new awards to our lineup. We extend our gratitude to everyone who submitted nominations. While we can’t acknowledge every nominee, we’re excited to announce this year’s recipients!

Jack Reach for Resources Spring Reach Reader Cover Story Friend to Everyone

Friend to Everyone

Charismatic. Ball of Energy. Positive. Friendly. Even on paper, those words don’t do justice to who Jack is as a person. Every room Jack walks into, he lights it up with his positive energy and ability to make friends with anyone. He has the type of aura that draws people in, and he can remember almost anything you tell him. Who Jack is today is leaps and bounds over who he was when we met him at his first In-Home Services meeting.

Josh Zenner JZ Productions Reach for Resources Feature Volunteer

Volunteer Feature: Josh Zenner

Since the summer of 2018, Josh Zenner from JZ Productions, has been giving his time and talents to Reach. Back in 2018, Josh was searching for volunteer opportunities in the Twin Cities to give back to his community. At the time, Reach had an opening for an Adaptive Recreation Softball Coach and it was exactly what Josh was looking for in a volunteer opportunity.

Steve In home supports with Reach for Resources gradual process to independence Cornerstone Creek

Gradual Process to Independence

Making the transition from living with your parents to living on your own, at any age, is difficult especially if you are helping to care for aging parents, like Steve. Steve started receiving In-Home Services from Reach in 2016, to support him as he made the transition from living with his parents to living independently in his own apartment.

Terry and Jan tell their story about finding housing with Reach for Resources In Home Support Services

Safety & Stability

The two main factors most people look for when choosing a place to live is safety and stability. For people living with disabilities and mental health conditions, it can be particularly hard to find a place that offers both of those things. This was the case for Terry and Jan. They’ve had to navigate a long, bumpy road but finally they’ve found the perfect place.

Joe Parker Reach for Resources Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser Winter Reach Reader

Rollin’ Clean Games Since ’02

This year, we are celebrating 32 years of our annual Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser on March 16. Of those 32 years, Joe Parker has been participating in 21 of them. Joe is one of Reach’s longest Bowl-A-Thon participants and has raised the most money for a single Bowl-A-Thon (2023) and is the current leader for the most money raised collectively year after year by a Bowl-A-Thon participant.

Meal Delivery Services: Helping People Try New Vegetables MN DHS waiver services Reach for Resources Community Living SILS

Meal Delivery Services: Helping People Try New Vegetables

“I love brussel sprouts! They are like mini salads.” It’s not often you hear someone say they love brussel sprouts let alone with a giant smile on their face. Kristen recently tried her first ever brussel sprout thanks to Magic Meals. Magic Meals is a nationwide, nutritious, meal delivery service that provides fresh, frozen meals weekly to subscribers. 

Demarcus Reach for Resources Employment Services full time position. problem solving cyber security

Turning a Passion into a Career

A few shorts months ago, Demarcus took the initiative to ask his case manager how he could advance his career. His case manager referred him to Reach’s Employment Services and within three months, Demarcus had a full-time position, in his career field, with the possibility of growth.

Dan volunteers at a pumpkin patch

Volunteering at a Pumpkin Patch

It’s pumpkin season! Recently Dan and his Reach staff volunteered at a pumpkin patch. They had a fun afternoon picking pumpkins and helping out on the farm.

Natalie cooks tator tot hotdish semi-independent Living Skills SILS Reach for Resources

Making Tator Tot Hotdish With Natalie

The other week, Natalie made one of Minnesotans’ favorite meals: Tator Tot Hotdish. She followed the instructions and recipe with minimal staff assistance.

Leah Wallin Fall Reach Reader Cover Story 20+ Year Journey With Reach

20+ Year Journey With Reach

Since 1985, Reach for Resources has been providing a variety of services and supports to people of all abilities throughout Minnesota. For over 20 of those years, Reach has had the opportunity to support an individual who has been with us the longest, Leah Wallin. Throughout all of those years, we’ve watched Leah grow, gain confidence and thrive as we’ve supported her through a variety of life events. 

Sara Cub Union Contract Ratification Reach for Resources

Front Lines of the Cub Union Contract Ratification

The Union Committee was formed in early 2023, with around two to three representatives from all 33 Cub Food stores. Going into it, Sarah said, “I expected it was going to be a lot of long hours. I wasn’t sure about arranging my Metro Mobility rides because the meetings were last minute or would run long.”

Reach for Resources named 2023 5 Star mspWellness Champion for workplace wellness

Reach Named mspWellness Champion

We are excited to announce Reach has been named a 5 Star mspWellness Champion by the Minneapolis Regional Chamber (MRC), Hennepin County Public Health, the Minneapolis Health Department (MHD), and HealthPartners!

Reach for Resources is a 2023 Top 200 Workplace by Star Tribune

Reach is a 2023 Top 200 Workplace

Reach for Resources has been named one of the Top 200 Workplaces in Minnesota by the Star Tribune.

Reach For Resources Acquires Local Nonprofit TRAIL

Reach for Resources Acquires TRAIL

We are excited to announce the formal acquisition of TRAIL, a nonprofit which provides transportation for adults with disabilities. Effective June 16, 2023, TRAIL will become part of Reach for Resources.

Employment First Legislation Updates

Employment First Legislation Updates

Although the phase out for subminimum wages was not approved, there were still many wins for the Employment First movement within Minnesota! Click below to learn about the wins that Employment First has gained this legislative session.

Sonya's Lego Projects

LEGO®’N Your Stress Away

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and more than ever, it’s important to take care of yourself and your well-being. Just like a lot of us, Sonya is trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance while also finishing her last semester of college. To de-stress and avoid exhaustion and burnout, in the last year, Sonya has picked up a new calming activity: LEGO® building. How did Sonya get into this activity?

Hunter Houle Memorial Foundation Donation

Reach Receives $7,500 Donation

Big thank you to the Hunter Houle Memorial Foundation for your donation of $7,500 to Reach!
2023 Reach Award Winners

2023 Reach Award Winners

Since 2007, we have been recognizing individuals, families, volunteers, businesses, Reach employees and other organizations who have helped us each year in fulfilling our mission. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations. While we cannot recognize every nominee, we are excited to announce this years recipients!

Jim Volunteers at Feed My starving Children

Jim Volunteers In His Community

Jim is skilled at working with his hands and enjoys helping others. Recently, he did this by volunteering at Feed my Starving Children. Jim reports that it’s meaningful and satisfying work.

Trey outside of Goodwill

A Man of Many Talents

“A lady asked the police if they could watch her bird for her. The police said, ‘I think we will stick to jail birds.’” That is only one, of over 150 creatively, funny jokes, Trey has made up. Not only does Trey love writing jokes, being challenged, doing impressions, and organizing things, he has been supported through Reach’s Employment Services over the past two years.

Robert At Home Fitness MN

New Year, New Resolutions

It’s a new year with new resolutions! Robert is an active person who works hard to maintain his physical wellbeing.

Matthew Goodwill Reach for Resources

Persistence Leads to Change

A couple of months ago, Danny, one of Reach’s Employment Specialists, was with one of his participants at their local Goodwill. Danny’s participant, Matthew, has a passion for thrifting, antiquing and collecting. Because of his passions, Goodwill was always his dream job. Excited to apply for a job, Matthew and Danny entered their local Goodwill. Upon speaking with the manager, they learned employment specialists/job coaches were not allowed in the building while employees were working their shifts. Also, Danny wouldn’t be able to accompany Matthew to the interview. If Matthew got the job, Danny would only be allowed to provide assistance during orientation. For a company that prides itself on helping marginalized members of the community find and keep jobs, this didn’t make sense.

Sarah at Cub Foods

Challenges with Seeking Full Time Employment

Looking for new employment is hard but looking for new employment after spending 17 years at the same job is even harder! That is what Sarah is finding out. When Sarah started working at Cub, 17 years ago, Facebook was in infancy, the iPhone was two years out from being released and YouTube was just launching. A lot has changed since Sarah started working at Cub all those years ago, but she is ready to jump into the job market and face these new changes and challenges.

Sonya Lyft Reach for Resources

One Lyft at a Time

Finding reliable, flexible transportation to and from work can be tough especially for people with disabilities. To help solve this problem, Reach launched a Lyft test pilot program at the beginning of 2022. Lyft is an app-based ride-sharing service that allows people to schedule rides in advance or on the spot. To tryout this new program, Reach needed the perfect tester. Naomi, an Employment Specialist at Reach, had just the person! Sonya.

Tay Courage Kenny Award

Courage Kenny’s Rider of the Year Award Winner

This March, Courage Kenny Adaptive Sports and Recreation held their annual winter sports awards celebration. One of the top awards, Rider of the Year, went to Tay, a person supported through Community Living services at Reach.

Reach for Resources Annual Awards

2022 Reach Award Winners

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our annual awards. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations. While we cannot recognize every nominee, we humbly acknowledge all who helped us this past year in fulfilling our mission. The following are this year’s award recipients:

Mary Ellen and David Kaul Give to the Max Match

In Memory of Mary Ellen & David Kaul

Mary Ellen was a parent, special education teacher, and journalist. As a mother of a Down Syndrome son, Mary Ellen thought, “There must be something I can do to help.” And help she did. In her many roles in helping out Reach, Mary Ellen sat on our Board of Directors, volunteered by advocating at the city and federal levels for housing funds for people with disabilities, and acted as a mentor to many at Reach. What was remarkable about Mary Ellen is that she had an acute sense of justice for individuals with disabilities that was handled with a special positive energy that was so attractive to all who met her. Nowhere was this more evident than it was when it came to her children.

Bill at the Star Tribune

Turning Over a New Page

Bill began using Reach’s Employment Services in August 2021. With Bill’s previous job ending in May 2019, he had been unemployed for a little over two years. His previous work experience consisted of a variety of light industrial positions such as order picker, assembler, and fabricator. Bill expressed interest in building on his past work experience and obtaining employment in a similar industry. Teaming up with Marcus, one of Reach’s Employment Specialists, Bill began searching for those kinds of opportunities.