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We are pleased to announce the recipients of our annual awards. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations. While we cannot recognize every nominee, we humbly acknowledge all who helped us this past year in fulfilling our mission. The following are this year’s award recipients:


Celine with her award.Volunteer of the Year: Celine Mazloum
Celine started volunteering with Reach at the beginning of the pandemic. She is joining us from Florida! Celine has been very active in volunteering over this past year. She is always willing to help out and does it with a smile on her face. Celine is a great addition to the Reach for Resources volunteer team.



Community Partner of the Year: Big FrigBig Frig Logo
Big Frig really stepped up in 2020 to help us with multiple fundraising events. They provided numerous tumblers for our Radiothon and Cackle & Spur events. This is in addition to the cooler they donated for our Reach “on Tap” and Cackle & Spur events. Brock is always willing to help us when I call.


Cole with his award.Advocate of the Year: Cole
Since the pandemic started, Cole has become very active in Reach’s adaptive recreation programming. He was an early adopter, signing up for numerous programs in Summer 2020 and increasing registrations in Fall ’20 and Winter ’21. Cole is very engaged when he attends programs, sharing about himself and getting to know other participants, staff, and volunteers. Cole has been a versatile participant as well, trying out everything from Book Club, to Trivia nights, to Pilates and dance workouts, and even learning a new game with Dominion Club. Cole is staying home throughout the pandemic, but he is not letting himself get bored. In addition to helping his mom around the house and assisting neighbors, Cole has multiple activities with Reach each week. Some weeks, Cole has programs every single day, or even twice in the same day! Cole also is engaged with other providers and participates in other exercise classes like yoga or personal training appointments as well as other therapy appointments. Sometimes when he jumps on a Reach program he will share that it is his 2nd, 3rd, or 4th virtual program of the day! Cole was also willing to share his experience on the news to help spread the word about Reach. Cole is really going above and beyond this year to stay connected, and we really appreciate his presence at programs. He brings a lot of energy and a positive attitude to programs and keeps everyone smiling. He is working hard to be his best self this year!

Matthew Smith Memorial Award: Hailey HaenPicture of Hailey Haen
Hailey is an outstanding leader with a positive attitude who is always willing to go above and beyond at Reach. The last couple of years, she’s been providing exemplary support in, creative ways, that is tailored to each individual in her case load so they can reach their goals. Hailey is someone who holds true to her approaches and is always looking at how to help someone to become more independent in whatever the task at hand might be. Every individual Hailey has worked with has praised her on her ability to get to know them, figure out their learning styles and find shared interests. In doing so, she has made many different types of meals, gone ice fishing, helped with budgets, assisted with crafts and is always making everyday life tasks fun. Not only is she an outstanding support provider, Hailey goes out of her way to share opportunities within her Community Living department, as well as, the other departments at Reach. Hailey is a strong communicator and will give constructive feedback when needed to improve systems and programming throughout the organization. We are so thankful for Hailey and her continued positive energy that she brings to Reach!