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Help us tell 2,018 new people about Reach in 2018!

  1. ​Tell someone who is not already familiar with Reach about what we do. It might look something like this: The next time you go to the grocery store, ask the cashier if he or she has heard of Reach. If that person says, “no,” explain, in your own words, that Reach for Resources is a great nonprofit organization that supports individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential. Then, briefly share how you are involved with Reach.
  2. Let us know you’ve had these conversations. Use the above button to record your interaction. Just type in your name, the number of people you told about Reach in that encounter (it could be a whole group of people), and who they were (“Cub cashier,” “Uncle Bob,” “lunchroom co-workers,” etc.).
  3. Keep talking and keep submitting numbers!

With all of us working together, 2,018 new people will learn about Reach in the coming months. That’s a lot, but we can do it!

View a video to see just how easy this challenge can be!