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Donar Advised Fund (DAF)

Easily contribute to Reach for Resources using your Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Just consult with your fund administrator or select a grant online. In addition, you have the option to establish automatic, recurring donations using your DAF. Plus, you can even fund your DAF through an estate, ensuring your family’s legacy positively influences generations to come.

You can now give to Reach from your Donor Advised Fund account in 2 clicks. Donate directly using the button below from a variety of DAF providers including Fidelity, Schwab, and more.

In 2024, if you give through your DAF, you can unlock up to $2.1 million in matching funds. Start by making a grant. When you have your grant confirmation (usually downloadable from the fund sponsor’s website, or you can take a screenshot), complete the below commitment form to get your DAF matched by #HalfMyDAF.

Prefer to mail your gift?

If you already benefit from donor advised funds, please make checks payable to “Reach for Resources” and mail them to:

Reach for Resources
5900 Green Oak Dr.,
Suite 303
Minnetonka, MN 55343


Please reach out to Kate Bottiger, Executive Director, at 952-200-5746 or [email protected]

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