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July 2017

Torrance achieved his goal of earning a driver’s license with Reach Independent Living Services. Find out more about Reach Independent Living Services and Supports HERE.

When Carolyn first met Torrance, she asked him what his goals and dreams were, and he said, “I have always wanted to get my license and drive a truck.” This had been dream for Torrance for a long time, as long as he had been working with Reach. Torrance was well aware of the steps required for this and had been preparing and practicing.

Torrance and Carolyn went to the library to practice for his permit test on a regular basis. Torrance did very well practicing for his permit test and before you knew it, he was in taking the permit test at the DMV again. Although Torrance failed his permit test twice before, he said he was not going to give up, Torrance went in to take the permit test for the 3rd time and passed! Torrance was so happy to attain this that day. Within a few weeks, Torrance purchased a truck with money that he had been saving up, and was able to get the truck insured.

Carolyn and Torrance went to take the driving portion of the test, the first time that Torrance took the test, the instructor was not able to pass him. They scheduled another day and time the next week to be able to go in and complete the test again, and this time Torrance passed with a very impressive score, he even aced the parallel parking part of the test! Torrance has now been able to drive himself to and from work, and is really enjoying being able to do so! With time and patience, Torrance was able to fulfill his dream, and now he is on to the next one!

Congratulations, Torrance!