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In Memory of Mary Ellen & David Kaul

Mary Ellen and David Kaul Give to the Max Match

“Sometimes you have to be satisfied with a small amount of progress but remember, it’s still progress.” ~ Mary Ellen Kaul

A $5,000 challenge match has been given to Reach for Resources in honor of the memory of Mary Ellen Kaul and her son, David Kaul. This generous gift will match your donation, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 during the Give to the Max Day campaign.

Mary Ellen was a parent, special education teacher, and journalist.  As a mother of a Down Syndrome son, Mary Ellen thought, “There must be something I can do to help.” And help she did. In her many roles in helping out Reach, Mary Ellen sat on our Board of Directors,  volunteered by advocating at the city and federal levels for housing funds for people with disabilities, and acted as a mentor to many at Reach. What was remarkable about Mary Ellen is that she had an acute sense of justice for individuals with disabilities that was handled with a special positive energy that was so attractive to all who met her. Nowhere was this more evident than it was when it came to her children.

Mary Ellen’s son, David, was the middle child of five but the only boy. David was a person Reach supported, as he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. But like his mother, David never let that get in the way of volunteering and being a positive influence in the lives of others. David enjoyed riding his John Deere lawn mower and cutting the grass at Camphill Village MN, near Sauk Center, MN. David was also an honorary member of the local volunteer Fire Department. He loved emergency personnel, whether they were fire fighters, ambulance drivers, or police officers, and they loved David right back.

David’s passion for helping others was evident even in death. Due to an unfortunate accident, David lost his life, but as an organ donor, his organs were shared with two other people, giving them a chance at life.

This challenge match is a fitting way to honor the memory of Mary Ellen and her son, David. Even after their passing, they still are helping others and Reach for Resources.