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Matt Lex says he remembers it well. “When I was a child, I was at my babysitter’s house in Bloomington. It was there that I found a large, Folger’s coffee can, filled to the top with color crayons.” Ever since, Matt has been coloring the world with beautiful artistic creations.

He has moved on from crayons, which he explains are too fragile and “break really easily.” But his oil paintings can capture the attention of even the most serious art lovers.

Man holding two oil paintings

Matt, with one set of art pieces he is offering to Reach’s silent auction this year.

A regular participant in our Adaptive Recreation programs for many years, Matt has particularly enjoyed art-related activities that Reach has offered, including Art Abilities. Matt doesn’t only want to benefit from our offerings, though. He also chooses to reciprocate, having given art pieces for us to include in our annual silent auction for the past couple of years. This year, he’s sharing three pairs of oil paintings, for which the bidding is already open at https://reachontap.givesmart.com. Look for “Matt’s Masterpieces,” “Lex’s Best,” and ML Originals” in the auction items.

“I love to do art, and I also love to help the less fortunate,” Matt explains, saying that he volunteers as a Salvation Army bell-ringer too whenever he can.

Other art mediums Matt has experimented with are watercolor, charcoal, and photography. Recently, he has broadened his exploration of the fine arts with creative writing. One of his fiction books will be available for purchase on eBooks soon. He also wants to encourage people to give his paintings a good home. He is a member at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, and will have his next wall display there starting in February 2020. In the meantime, his silent auction sets are up for grabs, with some of the proceeds going back to Matt, for him to continue this vibrant passion.


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