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Reach is currently serving over 1,000 individuals annually. In order to do so with the quality of programs and services for which we’ve become known, significant funding is needed. So where does the money come from?

With a $2.43 million operating budget for 2018, Reach relies on a variety of financial sources. However, a vast majority—nearly $2.3 million—is covered through federal, state, and county waivers (including Medicaid). These reimbursements represent billable time, meaning face-to-face contact with the individuals we serve, up to approximately 80 percent of the time per hour, for our Independent Living, Mental Health, and Case Management Departments. The government sets the rate we get paid, which is constant throughout our industry. Some of the funding for our Adaptive Recreation and Inclusion Department comes from contracts we maintain with various partner cities.

The remaining income—roughly $130,000—is divided in three ways. This year, we anticipate securing around $65,000 in grants by applying for numerous opportunities. At least $30,000 is raised through our special events/fundraisers (Reach “On Tap,” Game Farm Gala, etc.). The last piece of the puzzle is dependent on the generosity of individual and corporation donations. This year we are aiming to raise $35,000 this way. We are especially grateful for these funds and make careful use of all we are given, being proud of our ability to channel 91 percent of all income to programming costs. As Executive Director Kate Bottiger says, “Reach is able to provide an array of services and supports that assist many children, adults, and families across Minnesota. We greatly appreciate the gifts that other give to Reach so we are able to continue to help individuals reach their full potential.”

Monetary income is not the only way Reach is supported. Last year, we received $34,000 in in-kind donations, ranging from silent auction items to prizes, and more. Additionally, 140 volunteers gave their time to our cause in 2017, amounting to 1,540 hours. The state of Minnesota has calculated each hour to equal $27.58, so this is a value of $42,473 to Reach.

While these numbers are critically important, Reach never loses sight of the individuals we support. And each person we serve is one in a million.