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Pop Rocks bin in pink.Ashtyn was looking for a way to track her soda consumption. She did not like the idea of using a calendar, so we found a more creative, fun solution. Ashtyn likes to collect rocks, so we used her collected rocks to track how many sodas she is drinking throughout the week. For every soda Ashtyn drinks, she adds a rock to the bin. Ashtyn came up with the clever idea to call the bin “Pop Rocks” and decorated her container with fun stickers.

Pop rocks with rocks in bin and soda around it.

We plan to track how many sodas Ashtyn is drinking for about a month and then eventually track the soda the opposite direction. For example, at the beginning of a week, Ashtyn will start with five rocks in her bin and for every soda she drinks, she will need to remove one. Once the rocks are all gone, Ashtyn would not be able to have any additional sodas for the week.