Rec Staff Profiles

Emily Orr

Emily came to Reach in October 2015.  She loves providing inclusion support, working Young Athletes, and visiting with participants at any of our amazing programs. She has an energetic Vizsla dog named Ziggy, who is her running companion, and an old, cuddly tuxedo cat named Milo.

Jesse Hartrick

Jesse joined us in 2016 and appreciates the friendly, encouraging atmosphere at Reach. She has four “furbabies” (cats) named Carol, Tiger, Grover, and Nyra. Originally from Fremont, Wisconsin, Jesse cheers for the Packers.

Tori Carter

Tori joined Reach in August 2015 and especially enjoys Teen Explorers, Art Abilities, crafting programs, and On The Town. She loves freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and her favorite time of day is late afternoon.

Michele Tume

Michel started his time with us in December 2019. The Reach programs he most enjoys are basketball and bowling. He is a Manchester City soccer fan, and you might find him playing soccer himself.

Hailey Haen

Hailey started at Reach in November 2018. Going to our On The Town programs, and those involving movies or cooking are her favorites. A Packers fan, she grew up in Freedom, Wisconsin, and had an outdoor cat named Oliver, whom she describes as a “cat with a dog’s personality.”

Lisa Boss

Lisa has a history with Reach dating back to June 2003. Since then, she has been a Saturday bowling regular, watching what she describes as our “awesome bowlers”! She grew up in Iowa and Colorado, and her hobbies include going on walks, hiking, and playing hand bells.

Karen Krussow

Karen began at Reach in the early 2000’s and especially likes being able to socialize and engage with the participants at Wednesday Night Social. She grew up Robbinsdale, and is loyal to her home-state baseball team, the Minnesota Twins.

Brittany Jarzemski

Brittany began as an intern in September 2019 and was hired as permanent employee in Spring 2020. She shared that themed yoga is particularly fun and is “super excited” to lead a hip-hop dance class with a friend of hers. Her favorite dessert is “ice cream on a normal day, but tiramisu if we’re getting fancy.”

Claire Hanrahan

Abby McLain

Abby came on board with us in June 2018. She loves working inclusions, especially those involving sports and exercise. She has a standard poodle named Gil who is brown, curly, and very friendly. She hopes that one day he can be a therapy dog.

Ella Kile

Katelyn Castle

Katelyn began at Reach in May 2018 in the Community Living Department before also joining the Rec Department. Her favorite program is Weekend Ventures. She grew up in Bismarck, ND, but her favorite pro sports team is our own Minnesota Wild.

Liz Skweres

Maddie Devich

Conner Sager

Conner kicked off the Summer of 2018 by joining our staff. He “loves the people that make Reach what it is. From the employees to the clients, everyone adds a part to this wonderful organization.” In his free time, Conner enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee, as well as volunteering for a variety of organizations.

Morgan McKiindles

Vince St. Martin

Laura Harter

Amber Trapp

Morgan Fischer

Sarah McGoldrick

Peggy Martin

Julia Christianson

Angela Kowalski

Emily Wright

Annie Washburn