Struggling with relationships? Just don’t feel quite like yourself? Finding even the smallest task seems like moving a boulder? Perhaps counseling is the support you need to get back on track. Individual therapy services are available to adults and to children ages 12 and older. Areas that may be addressed include behavior concerns, life issues, and mental health symptoms that prevent the individual from moving forward. We can also complete diagnostic assessments. Sessions are provided in office or at home, if deemed appropriate and necessary following initial assessment.

Here are just a few benefits of receiving counseling:

  • Less anxiety
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Better relationships
  • Stress relief
  • Ability to set boundaries
  • Increased assertiveness
  • Regaining emotional balance
  • Trauma resolution

We are currently accepting clients who have straight MA or UCARE MA. If you are interested in receiving counseling, please complete the Counseling Referral Form and submit it to Liz Senne via email at or via fax at 952-229-4468. If you have further questions about this service, contact Liz at 952-737-2723.