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Volunteer Highlight: Mike and Patty Molden

Reach for Resources Volunteer Highlight Mike & Patty Molden at

Mike and Patty Molden are two of Reach for Resources’s longest serving volunteers with a talent for bringing laughter, community, and connection to Reach events. Mike and Patty got involved with Reach in the 2000s when Patty was inspired to contribute to her community as a volunteer. After spending time as a volunteer with similar organizations that support people with disabilities, Patty found Reach and decided to give volunteering with us a try.


Patty and Mike’s first Reach volunteer experience together was a bowling event, and they remember it fondly. “The conversation was great; it was a hoot! Everyone was so excited to be there”, they recall. After a great experience at bowling, Patty and Mike decided to get involved with other Reach events; everything from volleyball, basketball, and soccer to arts and crafts.

One of their favorite programs to volunteer for is basketball. For the past several years, Mike and Patty have enjoyed creating opportunities for every basketball participant to feel included. They appreciate Reach’s focus on making activities flexible, adaptable, and exciting for everyone who is involved. Whether they are working on basketball fundamentals or hosting a team party at the end of the season, Mike and Patty go the extra mile to create a sense of community and a fun social atmosphere for every player.

Reach for Resources volunteer Mike molden teaching basketball participant how to play defense

Mike teaching one of our participants how to play good defense on the ball handler.

Reach for Resource volunteer patty molden congratulating an adaptive recreation basketball participant

Patty congratulating a participant after they made a basket.

Volunteering with Reach also allows Mike and Patty to develop meaningful relationships with people who attend our programs and events. Participants look forward to seeing their friendly faces on the basketball court, at social gatherings, and even outside of Reach events. According to Mike and Patty, the best part of volunteering is being able to provide laughter, consistency, and support to those who attend our programs. Even though they are busy with children and grandchildren, they continue to participate as much as they can. “As a volunteer, you get a lot out of it. Especially joy, seeing the happiness on their faces…it feels like you are family,” Patty said.

Volunteering somewhere new can come with feelings of uncertainty for newcomers. However, Mike and Patty encourage anyone who is interested to give volunteering at a Reach event a try.  The staff and other volunteers are flexible, friendly, and will help make your first volunteer event a success. According to Mike, “There’s nothing to be nervous about…really, it’s not work, it’s all fun!”

Thank you to Patty and Mike for sharing your time and talents with the Reach community!

Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities at Reach. If you have any questions about volunteering please call 952-688-7598 or email [email protected].