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November 2016

Ellen and her son, Joe, have been involved with Reach for Resources, Inc. for 8 years. Joe loves to participate in Reach’s Social Seekers, bowling, and the Ghostly Gala. According to Ellen, her son loves to meet other people and be the center of attention. Joe also loves teaching others how to play games. The programs give Joe a connection to his community and a feeling of belonging, which is really important to Joe and his mother.

When they first started looking for social activities for Joe, they didn’t know how to get involved. They felt isolated. Ellen does not want others to feel that isolation they felt for many years. The services that Reach offered for Joe made things so much better.

​“Out of gratitude, I will continue to give to Reach for Resources, Inc. I don’t want others to have a similar experience in not being able to find the supports that are needed; I want the services, supports, and sense of community to be there for others,” Ellen stated. Today, Joe continues to participate in Reach’s social activities where he has been able to build friendships, connections, and that sense of belonging that was absent for far too long.

​Reach would like to thank the Bittner family for their continued giving so that many others have the opportunity to participate in social and recreational opportunities throughout the Minneapolis metro area. Like Joe, we want to make sure we build a sense of community and belonging.

​If you are interested in sharing your gifts with Reach, so our services & supports can continue, please click here.