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By Michelle Tikalsy 

“A brand is the most valuable thing a corporation has,” said Jason Skoog, the Development Officer at Reach for Resources.

Having corporate support is important for a nonprofit organization. Skoog said it adds legitimacy to the work nonprofits do by putting their brand name on the work we do.

Mike Stillwell, Executive Vice President at Patriot Converting, has been sponsoring and attending Reach events for around two years. The corporation has also been providing the nonprofit organization with free printer paper.

“After being introduced to Reach we felt their mission was very worthy and that our fiscal and paper contributions could be felt throughout the organization. Collectively we felt their mission in reaching everyone’s full potential was very worthy,” said Stillwell.

When asked what he liked most about attending Reach events, Stillwell said, “They are enjoyable events that get us out for some fun activity.”

Corporate donations can help Reach financially. “Many corporations have matching donation benefits so that if one of their employees donates $100 to Reach, the corporation will then match that donation and donate $100 to Reach so we end up with $200,” Skoog said. These donations help the organization recruit employees, donors, and volunteers.

Skoog said, “Corporations have numerous employees and they can do a donation drive at their business and reach hundreds or thousands of potential donors that we may not have access to. Finally, many corporations have foundations that can provide grants that will go directly to programming, helping the people we support. That financial impact can be huge in helping us fulfill our mission.”

Dennis Carpenter, owner of BOB-FM radio station, has been supporting Reach for several years. He has given the nonprofit free on-air time for public service announcements to promote fundraisers and build awareness of what they do for the community.

“My son Benjamin was born with Spina Bifida in 1981. At that time it was extremely challenging and downright tough to find and organize all the necessary resources Ben needed through the years. However, I was blown away after hearing Jason Skoog describe the special services Reach for Resources can provide to people like my son. What a tremendous blessing for parents with [children with disabilities]. I knew instantly my broadcast company could help fundraise and promote this special organization,” said Carpenter.

Corporations benefit from sponsoring nonprofit events. It can increase the value of a company’s brand. According to a study by IO Sustainability, LLC and Babson College, 92% of US consumers have a more positive image of a company that sponsors a nonprofit event. The corporation’s own employees also feel more engaged when their company invests in community causes, leading to a lower employee turnover rate.

Corporate sponsorships and donations help a nonprofit exist and do important work. Reach for Resources wouldn’t be able to support all the people they do without the help of the community. Reach is grateful to all the companies that help in making a difference in people’s lives.