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The adaptive recreation program at Reach for Resources, (REACH) has many different activities for people with developmental disabilities. The purpose of the programs at REACH for individuals to build social skills with each other, enhance community integration, provide breaks for caregivers, and to promote physical health. At REACH, Peggy Martin who is one of our Adaptive Recreation Specialists, says “everyone who is involved and works here is supportive.” Something she likes about her job is getting to connect people and see them interact and work with each other.

She enjoys the connections with individuals, and seeing their growth and progress over the years. She has attended several graduation ceremonies, and open houses, as relationships have flourished. Peggy has said REACH has been so well rounded with working with folks, and having good interactions. Peggy has worked at REACH for 20 years as an Adaptive Recreation Specialist! She found out about REACH from seeing an ad in the paper, and she has always wanted to help people. “I believe that I assist individuals in building self-esteem and independence; provide opportunities to experience success, discover new interests, and develop friendships.”

Before coming to REACH, Peggy started out as a Camp Counselor at Camp Courage providing short-term direct care services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. The position matched her personal philosophy as she has always had a passion for working with people. She likes all of the adaptive recreation activities offered at REACH; her personal favorites are the Weekend Ventures programs as they allows people to try new things, and get experiences that they might not get elsewhere. The different adaptive recreation programs offered at REACH consist of sports and fitness, community events, and arts and crafts. She says the people involved in different programs at REACH really enjoy participating. Peggy really likes the people she works with and seeing their growth over the years. Another favorite activity is bowling since it is a favorite of individuals she works with and she likes seeing others have fun. Personally, her favorite group she works with is the Teen Club because the teens are really enthusiastic and have a lot of energy. “It is rewarding to see them learn and practice new skills with each other.”

When asked about her motivations, she says “seeing the younger folks grow up with big leadership roles.” She is motivated when she sees how lives are impacted in a positive way. Her long-term goals at REACH are to continue to help individuals and make sure they have a positive impact on the work that they do, and to provide quality and meaningful experiences to the individuals they serve. She is curious to see how things will look after the pandemic. We can always rely on someone to help one another, and build long-term connections. Thanks for all your work, Peggy!