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February 2017

Starting February 24th, Reach for Resources will be participating in Brackets for Good for the second year. Brackets For Good is an Indianapolis, IN based 501(c)3 charitable organization focused on activating new donors and increasing awareness for other nonprofit organizations through competitive, online fundraising. Each week, Reach will compete against another Twin Cities organization to raise more funds and move to the next round! Check out this year’s Twin Cities bracket HERE.

How can you help Reach in the competition?

Donating each week will help Reach move forward in the competition. Our first match-up can be found HERE. This is where you can check our progress and submit your donations once the tournament starts. You can also help Reach by completing these three tasks when donating!

1. Fill out your donor profile!

Brackets for Good has teamed up with Lids to launch Score 3 in BFG. When a donor fully completes their donor profile, they will be rewarded with a $2 coupon code they can use during check out to donate to any organization participating in the tournament- essentially donating $2 to any organization for free.

The donor can make it a three-point play, which makes their coupon code worth $3, by tweeting @Lids using hashtag #score3inBFG.

2. Use Buzzer Beaters!

When a supporter makes a donation, they have the option to turn on “Buzzer Beater” points. Specifically, this schedules a second donation for the final instant of the round. Enabling this feature doubles that supporter’s donation. The first half of the donation is scored, and shows up on the scoreboard when they complete the transaction; The second half of the donation is scored in the final instant of that round.​

  • Buzzer Beater points can only be added to a normal donation; Supporters can’t score only Buzzer Beater points.
  • The total of buzzer beater points waiting to be scored at round end aren’t known to supporters or nonprofit participants.
  • Buzzer Beaters are the last thing to happen in the round.

Buzzer Beater donations could help push us into the next round by adding points at the last minute!

3. Share your support!​

After you donate to Reach, be sure to share on social media or via email! Let others know that you are supporting Reach in Brackets for Good and spread the word that Twin Cities nonprofits are competing throughout the month for the top spot! Use #BFGMN to connect to others participating in the competition! The tournament champion from each city will receive an extra donation from one of the tournament sponsors. We can’t make it to the end without your help!

Thank you for supporting Reach! If you have more questions about the Brackets for Good Tournament, visit the website HERE. If you would like to further support Reach beyond the tournament, visit our Donate page for more information!