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Lisa, Parenting Skills Educator

Not everyone would describe a job interview as “fun,” but that’s exactly the reaction Lisa had when meeting with the director and assistant director of the department she would end up joining. As a Parenting Skills Educator, Lisa says this position “fit in perfectly for what I went to school for.” She holds a bachelor’s degree in human services with an emphasis on child and family welfare and loves “meeting with the families, hearing their stories, and helping them reach their goals.”

woman at desk with laptop“Family” might also describe the type of relationship she has with her colleagues. “We have a strong team and work together really well. I know I have support, and that’s huge!” Lisa is credited for expanding Reach’s staff too. She recommended someone to join our ranks, and that person—after being hired—did the same.

Lisa also appreciate the flexibility and variety her position offers, saying that every day is different. Plus, as she shares, “I’m not confined to a desk all day.”

With three years of valuable service to Reach already, Lisa is someone the organization is happy to have as part of the family.