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His name is Sylvester Wilson, but you can call him “Sly.” When you do, be sure to smile, because he’ll notice. He’s witnessed several Reach staff members smiling at him and says, “They make me feel like I want to be there and want to come back.” That holds especially true for Sly with Community Living Specialist Maya Witte. “Maya’s smiles light up the world. If there were more people like her, the whole world would be fine.”

​Sly and Maya have been meeting regularly for nearly a year, working on Sly’s computer aptitude and reading skills. They spend time at the library practicing spelling and phonics. They’ve scheduled Sly for other Reach activities, including Bingo, bowling, Singles’ Night Out, and the Ghostly Gala. And they trade plenty of smiles.

​Sly admits that he has sensed a positive atmosphere at Reach ever since his first meeting, and that each person associated with Reach has made his experience personal and meaningful. It’s that same approach that he carries with him and conveys at his own job at Panera. “I try to make the customer feel like they’re at home.” Sly performs custodial duties at Panera and also works in concessions at the Twins Stadium. He says, “I like getting to meet different people.” And when he does, he treats them to his own award-winning smile.